Study Volunteers

Volunteer for a clinical study

At TKL, we are always looking for individuals to take part in our clinical studies. The success of our studies are based on our volunteers who give their time to test the safety and effectiveness of various drugs and medical devices before they are released into the marketplace.

What you will do

As a volunteer in a specific study, your role is to follow all of the study-related directions. This provides the research team with invaluable information about the specific drug or device’s performance. As every trial is different, you will know ahead of time the length and requirements of that particular study.

No cost to you

There is never a cost to you to participate and health insurance is never needed. Fair monetary compensation for each study to cover your time and participation varies and will be discussed with you prior to your enrollment.

Medical exams

You may receive a complimentary medical exam if specified by a particular study.


Current Study Opportunities


Healthy Adults Needed!

TKL is currently conducting a clinical research study to test new ways to deliver an investigational, injectable drug.

  • Qualifications:
  • Healthy Males & Females
  • Ages 18-65
  • Must take NO MEDICATION on a regular basis
  • Willing to have 1 injection of the study drug followed by assessments
  • Available for a consecutive 2 night stay in our Clinical Research Unit
    • includes 1 pre-dose blood draw and 2 post-dose blood draws
  • Willing to to report to TKL for 14 additional blood draws
  • Must return for an end of study visit

Study Involves:

  • Screening Visit including:
    • physical examination
    • vital signs
    • height
    • weight
    • ECG
    • TB test
    • HIV test
    • hepatitis test
    • urine sample
    • blood sample
  • Urine, blood and breathalyzer tests taken for analysis, drug and alcohol screening
  • 3 Urine pregnancy tests for females
  • 1 injection of investigational study drub by one of six randomly assigned delivery systems
  • Consecutive 2 night stay in TKL Fair Lawn Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
    • includes 1 pre-dose blood draw and 2 post-dose blood draws
  • Up to 14 additional follow up blood work visits
  • End of study physical examination including:
    • vital signs
    • height
    • weight
    • ECG
    • urine sample
    • blood sample

* Compensation up to $1650 for time and travel

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd, Research Clinic B (201.587.0808)

Denture Wearers Needed!

At our Bloomfield location, TKL is conducting a Clinical Research Study to evaluate 3 non-marketed, investigational adhesive creams, 1 currently marketed adhesive cream and no adhesive.


  • Healthy Males & Females (good medical & oral health)
  • Must wear a full upper denture
  • Must have either 4 natural center lower teeth OR a full lower denture, OR a partial lower denture

Study Involves:

  • Up to 6 visits over approximately 2 weeks
  • Oral exams by board-certified dentists
  • Screening visit of approximately 90 minutes
  • 5 study visits of up to 12-14 hours each (meals provided)
  • Compensation up to $975 for time and travel

TKL Bloomfield: 1255 Broad Street (973.338.1944)

Adults with Dry Mouth Needed!

 At both our Bloomfield and Ramsey locations, TKL is conducting a Clinical Research Study to compare the effectiveness of various dry mouth products in treating dry mouth symptoms.


  • Adults, ages 35-84, in good medical and oral health.
  • Must currently have symptoms of dry mouth.
  • Cannot wear full dentures.

Study Involves:

  • Up to 3 visits over approximately 2 weeks.
  • Oral exams by board-certified dentists.
  • Screening visit of approximately 1 hour.
  • 2 Morning study visits of up to 4.5-5 hours each.
  • Willing to keep a diary and complete questionnaires.

*Compensation up to $350 for time and travel.

TKL Bloomfield: 1255 Broad Street (973.338.1944)

TKL Ramsey: 48 South Franklin Turnpike, Suite 203 (201.995.0055)

Adults with Athlete’s Foot & Jock Itch Needed!

 TKL Research in Fair Lawn is conducting a 10-day clinical research study to evaluate the way investigational doses of topical Luliconazole cream interact with the marketed medication – Prilosec.



  • Healthy Volunteers, ages 18+
  • Must have moderate to severe athlete’s foot and jock itch.
  • Willing to be housed in our Clinical Research Unit for a total of 2 overnight visits.
  • Willing to apply Luliconazole cream to treatment areas for 7 days.
  • Willing to have two single oral doses of Prilosec.
  • Willing to have multiple blood samples drawn throughout the study.


Study Involves:

  • Screening visit with physical examination, vital signs, height, weight.
  • Urine and blood tests taken for analysis and drug screening.
  • Urine pregnancy tests for females of childbearing potential.
  • Screening visit of up to 2 hours.
  • 2 overnight visits.
  • 3 additional visits of approximately 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 hour.
  • End of study physical examination with vital signs, height, weight, blood samples taken.

*Compensation up to $1,250 for time and travel.

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd, Suite 1201 – Research Clinic B (201.587.0500)

Healthy Adults Needed!

 Our Fair Lawn & Bloomfield locations are continuously running patch tests for personal care products, cosmetics and fragrances. These studies are to test for any reaction when the product comes into contact with the skin.


  • Health Adults, ages 18-70.
  • Must be available for a 3 week or 6 week period of time.

Study Involves:

  • Multiple visits – day or evening hours are available.

*Compensation of $130-$150 upon completion.

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd Research Clinic A (201.587.0500)

TKL Bloomfield: 1255 Broad Street (973.338.1944)


Refer a Friend

You will receive a $25 referral check when your friend completes his or her first patch study.

Your referral must be new to TKL.

If interested, have them call 201.587.0808.


To learn more about TKL studies or to find a study of interest to you:

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