Study Volunteers

Volunteer for a clinical study

At TKL, we are always looking for individuals to take part in our clinical studies. The success of our studies are based on our volunteers who give their time to test the safety and effectiveness of various drugs and medical devices before they are released into the marketplace.

What you will do

As a volunteer in a specific study, your role is to follow all of the study-related directions. This provides the research team with invaluable information about the specific drug or device’s performance. As every trial is different, you will know ahead of time the length and requirements of that particular study.

No cost to you

There is never a cost to you to participate and health insurance is never needed. Fair monetary compensation for each study to cover your time and participation varies and will be discussed with you prior to your enrollment.

Medical exams

You may receive a complimentary medical exam if specified by a particular study.

Current Study Opportunities

Children’s Hair Care Study

Our Fair Lawn location is conducting a clinical research study to evaluate a regimen of four hair care products in children over the course of 2 weeks.


  • Healthy children ages 3-17
  • Must have fair to medium skin tone
  • Mid-length to long hair:
    • at least chin length for Girls
    • at least covering the ears for Boys
  • Child must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at both visits


Study Involves:

  • 2 visits over approximately 2 weeks
  • Exams of scalp, hands, neck and shoulders at each visit
  • Use of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and conditioning spray or shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and serum at least 5 days/week
  • Discontinue other hair products and use only the products provided


*Compensation up to $60 for time and participation.

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd – Research Clinic A (201.587.0808)

Overnight Study Needs Volunteers

Our Fair Lawn location is conducting a clinical research study to determine the safety and tolerance of an investigational oral drug being developed for potential use in treatment of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Healthy, NON-smoking volunteers
  •  Ages 18-45
  • Taking no medication regularly
  • No significant medical conditions

Study Involves:

  • 1 screening visit
  • 4 to 10 overnights in our Clinical Research Unit
  • 1 to 2 follow-up visits
  • Willing to take investigational oral medication (or placebo), possibly with another approved drug
  • Physical exam, vital signs, height & weight, ECG
  • 25 hour cardiac monitoring with Holter monitor
  • HIV, hepatitis test
  • Multiple blood samples taken
  • Several urine drug screens, breathalyzer alcohol tests
  • Total of 4 serum (blood) pregnancy tests for females

* Compensation up to $1,250 – $3,000 for time and travel

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd, Research Clinic A (201.587.0808)

Join a Patch Study

Our Fair Lawn & Bloomfield locations are continuously running patch tests for personal care products, cosmetics and fragrances. These studies are to test for any reaction when the product comes into contact with the skin.


  • Healthy Adults, ages 18-70.
  • Must be available for a 3 week or 6 week period of time.


Study Involves:

  • Multiple visits – day or evening hours are available.


*Compensation of $130-$150 upon completion.

TKL Fair Lawn: 1 Promenade Blvd Research Clinic A (201.587.0808)

TKL Bloomfield: 1255 Broad Street (973.338.1944)

Refer a Friend

You will receive a $25 referral check when your friend completes his or her first patch study.

Your referral must be new to TKL.

If interested, have them call 201.587.0808.

To learn more about TKL studies or to find a study of interest to you:

  • Call our recruiters at 201-587-0808
  • Or, fill in the form below.

When a study becomes available that you may be eligible for, we will contact you.

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