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TKL is always looking for individuals to volunteer to be in a clinical study. As background, a clinical study (also called a clinical trial or research study) is the way companies find out whether drugs and medical devices are safe and effective enough to help people. And, as a volunteer, your purpose is to help us evaluate these products before they are released into the marketplace.

What you will do – If you agree to try the drug or product, your role as a volunteer is to follow all of the study-releated directions, thus providiing the research team with invaluable information about its performance. As every trial is different, you will know ahead of time exactly how long you will be in the study and what you will need to do before you agree to be in the clinical study.

There is no cost to you – There is never a cost to you to participate and health insurance is never needed.  Fair monetary compensation for each study to cover your time and participation varies and will be discussed with you prior to your enrollment.

Medical exams – You may also receive a medical exam at no cost to you. 

To learn more about TKL studies or to find a study of interest to you:

  • Call our recruiters at 201-587-0808
  • Or, fill in the form below.

When a study becomes available that you may be eligible for, we will contact you.

Registering does NOT obligate you in any way.

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