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OTC and Consumer Healthcare Capabilities

TKL Research clinics offer the facilities and services required to bring your product to market quickly with well-supported product claims. We have decades of clinical trial experience assisting clients with safety-in-use (controlled usage) studies, and in designing and conducting medical research studies in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Our clinical capabilities include:

  • Actual use and label comprehension studies
  • Supervised and unsupervised treatment designs
  • eDiaries/consumer questionnaires
  • Physician and trained-evaluator exams

To accelerate enrollment in consumer healthcare studies, TKL offers a large database of previous study participants. Through our database, we can match participants to more than 250 medical conditions/product-use criteria to meet the unique requirements of your study’s protocol. After identifying potential high-quality participants, TKL offers an array of in-house recruiting resources. Our experience enables us to understand the demographics of study participants and how to recruit them efficiently.

In addition to our recruitment services, TKL provides comprehensive clinical services including:

  • Protocol development and consultation
  • IRB submission and approval
  • Recruitment management
  • Vendor management
  • Study conduct
  • On-site clinical data plan preparation, data management and biostatistics
  • Medical writing for protocols, case report forms (CRFs) and clinical study reports
  • Quality assurance (QA) for compliance and process

With exceptional facilities, comprehensive services, accelerated enrollment and decades of experience, TKL is a total solution for consumer healthcare studies. To start your next study with instant momentum, contact TKL Research, the company that takes responsibility for driving and accelerating enrollment.

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