Research Clinics

TKL Research Clinics 

TKL offers clinical research facilities and investigational site services for Phase 1-4 single-site clinical research trials. TKL clinics and services are available for studies in allergy/respiratory, dermatology, diabetes, gastroenterology, men’s/women’s health and most other therapeutic areas. TKL has an especially strong expertise in dermatology offering a wide range of safety and efficacy studies as well as pK, maximal dose, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies. With multiple clinics in the New York metropolitan area and Europe, TKL provides the facilities and services required to gain both US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval.

Accelerated enrollment is an integral part of our clinical service. TKL accelerates enrollment through both a proprietary database and in-house patient recruitment resources. Our database of previous study participants has been developed through decades of clinical research. We can search for both healthy volunteers and participants matching more than 250 medical conditions or product-use criteria to meet the unique requirements of your study’s protocol.

Our in-house patient recruitment resources include a full-service inbound/outbound call center as well as expertise in subject demographics, targeted recruitment advertising and media placement. These resources enable us to recruit high-quality study participants while meeting or reducing study timelines.

TKL can also reduce your effort in vendor selection. Each of our clinical facilities offers a comprehensive range of clinical research services, including protocol writing, study management and other services your study requires. Seasoned clinical research professionals who place paramount importance on subject safety and explicit adherence to study protocol provide TKL services.

With multiple clinics, broad therapeutic expertise, accelerated enrollment and comprehensive services, TKL provides a full-service solution for Phase 1-4 studies. To start your next study with instant momentum, contact TKL Research, the company that takes responsibility for driving and accelerating enrollment.

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