TKL Fair Lawn Research Clinic

Fair Lawn Phase I Unit

Over the last 70 years, TKL Research has been built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Our careful yet steady growth over the years has resulted in the expansion of the Clinical Trials Division across the globe, while our Research Clinics Division is preparing for the opening of our new state-of-the-art clinic in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Opened as of March 2014, our new 25,000 square foot location includes:

  • 30+ bed Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Unit
  • Configurable Male/Female Dormitories
  • Centralized Nursing Station
  • Infusion Wards
  • Comprehensive Clinical Laboratory
  • Environmental Room – Humidity & Temperature Controlled
  • Dedicated Photography Room
  • Multiple Outpatient Examination Rooms
  • Access to the very large and well-equipped North Jersey/NYC Medical Community

The Fair Lawn site is one of three TKL research clinics in the New York metropolitan area. The combined reach of these clinics provides us access to a very large and diverse subject database covering a wide array of therapeutic areas including various disease states and ethnic diversity.

Meanwhile, our new and enhanced Phase I clinic permits us to keep up with the demand for small, well-controlled studies with an emphasis on safety and quality control. Our expanded subject pool in combination with our unique and highly successful patient recruitment model, allows for accelerated enrollment as we continue to enroll and complete Phase I drug-dosing studies as well as a variety of Phase Ib studies.

Personal tours available upon request.

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Centrally located 20 miles northwest of NYC, the Fair Lawn Clinic is situated near NJ’s major thoroughfares and accessible to all 3 NY metro area airports.


Our new floorplan provides us with a 70% increase in space over our previous location giving us the flexibility to conduct a multitude of studies.