Phase 1


Phase 1 Clinical Trials Overview

TKL Research offers facilities and services that meet the unique, demanding requirements of Phase 1 clinical trials research studies, including pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, bioequivalence and bioavailability.

In all Phase 1 clinical research trials at our clinic, TKL minimizes risks to ensure the safety of study participants. To ensure minimal risks, TKL employs highly trained medical professionals with well-established expertise. A high clinician-to-volunteer ratio is designed for ideal dosing compliance, time-sensitive blood draws and vigilant oversight of volunteers. Local safety labs provide rapid-turnaround, electronically posted results to meet the highest standards of patient safety.

TKL pays careful attention to the comfort of Phase 1 volunteers, who may be in the clinic for days or weeks. This ensures a high rate of study completion. Our facility includes a kitchen, lounge, library and electronic entertainment. Our caring staff keeps spirits up and immediately resolves any issues that arise.

With facilities dedicated to the unique requirements of Phase 1 clinical trials—exceptional safety, reliable data and patient comfort—TKL Research can handle your early phase clinical needs.

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